How It Works


Meetings are a central part of the college counseling process. After the initial consultation, the majority of meetings are with the student and Katherine. Meetings are held either in person or via distance counseling (Skype), depending on the student’s availability and/or preference. The frequency of meetings varies based on the needs of the student and where the student is in the process.

Katherine updates parents on the conversations held during these meetings, often through a follow-up email. Parents and students are encouraged to call or contact Katherine whenever they have questions, concerns, or news to share.

Usually during the spring semester of the junior year, Katherine does ask parents to participate in an application information meeting. This is where Katherine provides detailed information about how colleges will review the student’s application. 

Assistance with Financial Aid and Scholarships

If obtaining financial assistance is a major factor in a student’s college search, Katherine works with the student to identify colleges where he or she may be likely to receive merit scholarships. This is where a student receives scholarship money directly from a college or universities based on academic or extracurricular achievements. Katherine can provide general knowledge and resources for the need-based financial aid process and outside scholarship searches. She does not assist families with filling out financial aid forms, such as the Federal Form for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) or the CSS Profile.

Parent Involvement

Parents play an essential role in the college application process. Katherine often looks to parents to provide insights that the student may not be able (or willing) to provide. By answering questionnaires and providing Katherine with thoughts, impressions, and stories, parents help her get to know the student. This information enables Katherine to better identify colleges that meet the student’s criteria.

Distance Counseling

Students who live out of the state of Colorado are more than welcome to work with College Mindset. Students receive the same quality of personalized service and all meetings are held either via Skype or phone.

Katherine has assisted students in six different states and five countries with the college application process. If you have questions regarding distance counseling, please feel free to submit a contact form.