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When to Start?

Freshmen and Sophomores
Students who begin with their college planning process their freshmen or sophomore year have the advantage of time. They are able to focus more on exploring who they are and what they want from their college experience. This extra time also allows Katherine to assist them with creating solid academic and extracurricular plans.  Finally, by working with the student longer, Katherine is able to get to know the student and the family, which can help her better identify college options that fit the student’s interests, goals, and talents.

Most students begin their college process during their junior year.  From standardized testing to grades, there are a lot of responsibilities for students to juggle. The college application process can get lost in midst of the pressures in the junior year. By working with Katherine through the Complete Plan, students learn how to balance priorities in order to stay on top of their college application process.

Students who begin college counseling in their senior year often have different needs. Some students need all of the services outlined in the Complete Plan, while others need a modified version. Katherine will

Transition to College
Katherine provides services for graduating seniors who would like to learn more about the transition to college.  Topics include: student orientation, exploring campus resources, researching academic departments, living with a roommate, and many more!

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