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Parents and guardians play a vital role in the college application process. Katherine recognizes that the decision of where a student will attend college is often a family decision. While students need to explore college options in terms of what will fit their goals and abilities, they also need to recognize that their choice of college, will affect the entire family. Although Katherine wants to give students ownership of their process and the decisions, there are several ways in which parents are involved.

Provide Insights

As a college counselor, Katherine asks a lot of questions. She needs to know what parents think about their student. What are you proud of? What stories do you have to tell? What jobs do you think your student will be good at? Hearing the parent perspective helps Katherine get to know the student better and in turn, identify colleges for the student to explore.

Encourage Your Student

There is no doubt that the college application process can be disheartening. Parents play a big role in reminding students of the amazing talents and opportunities they have.  They also can help students maintain the balance between reaching for their dreams and having realistic expectations.

Discuss Financial Expectations

One important conversation all parents must have with their student is their financial expectations for the college process. Students should have a clear idea of what the family can afford in terms of tuition and other college costs. It is important for students to understand what the financial goals are and that their college decision can impact the entire family.

Just Listen

In some situations, it can be difficult to find the perfect words to say, so sometimes it is better to say nothing at all. Sometimes students just need to process an idea or a college they are considering, so just listen. It is important for students to feel that their thoughts and ideas are being heard.

Next Steps

Do you feel you need assistance with any of the items above? While Katherine primarily meets with students throughout the college application process, she also want to make sure parents are involved and can ask their questions as well. Contact College Mindset today to find out more about how Katherine involves parents in the college application process.

Step 1: Use our contact form to submit your information.

Step 2: Katherine will contact you to have an initial phone conversation. This conversation will be your opportunity to ask initial questions about the services and to provide information about your student.

Step 3: Schedule an introductory meeting.  Katherine will meet with both you and your student (in person or via Skype). During this initial meeting, you and your student can ask questions regarding the college application process and how Katherine works with students.

Step 4: After your initial meeting, you will receive a contract to review. The contract outlines what is included in College Mindset services, along with the payment process.

Step 5: Decide if College Mindset is a good fit for your student and your family!