One-on-One College Counseling

Katherine works one-on-one with approximately 20 students per year for individualized college counseling.

Each student receives a personalized approach to match their interests, goals, and talents. Using her skills-building approach (link to the application process), Katherine ensures that students not only get through the college application process, but they thrive in it.

For one-on-one counseling, the student is in the driver’s seat.

Each student is given a detailed, month-by-month timeline, so the college application process is broken down into manageable pieces. Students are expected to schedule meetings with Katherine when requested.  After each session, Katherine sends a follow-up email to the student and parents detailing what was covered, the student’s responsibilities, and the next steps.

College Mindset has three one-on-one counseling packages available to fit your budget and needs. Schedule a consultation today for more information.