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This class is closed for the Class of 2023!  Come back next fall when it will be available for the Class of 2024!

Welcome to your junior year of high school! Starting your college application process is a significant part of your junior year, but have you noticed that no one tells you how to get going?

There is no clear timeline, website, or guidebook to really answer all of your burning questions and personalize your college process to meet your needs.

Are you wondering:
● When should you take the SAT or ACT?
● What extracurricular activities do you need?
● Are you in the right classes?
● How do you figure out where to apply?

College Mindset is here to help!  Get ready for……

The Junior Jumpstart Course
Your Intro to the College Application Process

Join College Mindset for a three-week online course to help you jumpstart your college process. Katherine Price has been working with high school students and their supporters for over 11 years. She will help you determine what you are looking for in your college experience and teach you how to show colleges how amazing you are. And the best part?  Every student will leave the course with a personalized college list. Imagine, continuing your junior year knowing exactly which colleges you need to research!

Course Schedule

Once you register and submit your payment, you will receive..

  • Welcome email with next steps and
  • Bonus Video: Intro to the Admissions Office, What Keeps Admissions Officers Up At Night

Group Coaching Via Zoom Building Knowledge

  • Review college planning timeline- what to do when
  • Goals for your junior year
  • Creating a standardized testing plan
  • Resources: an overview of your personal college planning portal with access to The Fiske Guide, Campus Tours, Campus Reel, and more.
  • Intro: How to Research Colleges
  • Assignment: Complete personality assessments and research one college

Group Coaching via Zoom Developing Your College List and Introduction to the College Application

  • Review college research assignments
  • Discuss why college criteria are important
  • Learn how to organize your college list
  • Assignment: Establish your College Criteria; schedule individual meetings

Individual Meetings 

The student will need to schedule a one-hour individual meeting with Katherine through a calendar link she will provide.

  • Review personality assessments
  • Create college criteria
  • Brainstorm initial list of colleges

Group Coaching via Zoom In-Dept College Research

  • In-depth college research
  • Demonstrating interest in a college
  • What is in a college application
  • Pulling it all together: Developing an Application Strategy


  • Do What You Are and College Match Assessment ($50 value)
  • Templates for creating your college list, researching colleges, and tracking scholarships ($50 value)
  • What You Need to Know About Scholarships and Financial Aid handout ($50 value)
  • Career and major exploration, including Networking for High School Students video email templates and guided questions for informational interviews ($150 value)
  • One-hour individual session ($150 value)
  • College planning software with access to the Fiske Guide, online campus tours, Campus Reel videos, and more- access ends May 1, 2023. ($200 value)

Students can receive a 10% discount on any College Mindset individual college counseling package upon completing the course- pending availability. (up to $490 value)

All of the above features are included
for the price of $197

What students are saying…

“If you are stressing and lost on what to do for college, you’re in the right place. Katherine was a lifesaver for me!”

With College college closing in, I felt like I had no sense on where my life may lead. I had no colleges in mind, no possible career paths, and no knowledge on how to research what colleges would be most beneficial to me. After taking this course, I feel like I have a better idea of what colleges would most fit me and my personality. In this course, I learned more about myself and how I function best as an individual; while matching them with career paths and colleges that best fit me. If you want to be ahead of the college planning game, I recommend you take this course!

“I felt my time with Katherine was extremely valuable and beneficial for my journey to college. She was very knowledgeable about the application process, and it was reassuring to have someone who was able to easily answer all of my questions.”

Who is this course for?

This course is for students in the Class of 2023 (current high school juniors) who are planning on applying to college in the fall of 2022. There will be approximately 10 students in the course.

How much does the course cost?

The total cost of the course is $197, and payment is due before the course begins. If you are unable to pay the total amount, please reach out to Katherine at She is happy to discuss a “pay what you can” option.

Will you offer refunds?

Since this is online material, it is difficult to offer refunds. College Mindset is happy to work with any student who is not fully satisfied.

What if I can’t make it to one of the live sessions?

If you cannot make it to the live sessions, the recordings will be emailed to you.

What is the student responsible for?

The student is responsible for attending group coaching sessions, viewing all video lessons, scheduling an individual meeting, and completing all worksheets, assessments, and assignments. College Mindset will not send reminders to students or parents to complete the work. You will get out of this course what you put into it. The student is also responsible for confirming admissions policies, application requirements, and deadlines with the colleges or universities they want to apply to.

How do the individual sessions work?

Students who sign up for the course will receive a link to Katherine’s calendar. The student is responsible for signing up for and attending the individual session by December 17,2021 (College Mindset will not send out reminders).

I am not sure this course is right for my student. Can I call you?

Absolutely. Please feel free to schedule a call through my online calendar.

Will I have access to the online portal after the course?

Yes. You will have a college planning portal account until May 1, 2023 (the end of your senior year!).

How does the discount work on individual college packages?

Katherine works with a limited number of students one-on-one each year. The cost varies from $1500 to $4900. Individual counseling is based on availability, and Katherine does fill up each year. Please email Katherine at for more information.

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